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  • Kúl, Beibí and Plís New Words in Informal Icelandic

    [19 Mar 2015] Icelandic has, in contrast to other Nordic languages, a vocabulary that is well preserved in relation to the Old Norse roots, and the Icelanders have worked hard to keep it that way. But a number of loanwords are now appearing, especially in social media, which in turn could constitute a threat to the continuity of the Icelandic language. This is the conclusion of a doctoral thesis in Nordic languages from the University of Gothenburg.

  • Julianne Nyhan wanted to reveal the history of digital humanities

    [12 Mar 2015] Digital humanities is a field that covers everything from medieval texts to high-tech work with images. Julianne Nyhan wanted to reveal the history of the field, and went to Italy to interview pioneer female punchcard workers.

  • Local Cults of Saints Had a Role in Christianisation

    [25 Feb 2015] There is a clear link between the celebration of native saints and the ecclesiastical organisation that emerged in Scandinavia in the 12th century. Yet, according to a new doctoral thesis in history from the University of Gothenburg, important differences can be noted between Sweden and Denmark.

  • Student Portal - ONE place for information and services

    [10 Dec 2014] GUL, Ladok, student portal, and utbildning.gu.se ¿ fron December 10 available within one web site.

  • Archaeological glass artefacts shed new light on Swedish glass history

    [25 Sep 2014] Archaeological finds of glass material from Old Lödöse, a Swedish trade centre in the High Middle Ages, call for a revision of the country¿s glass history. This is the conclusion of a doctoral thesis in archaeology from the University of Gothenburg, which describes how vitrified finds can be interpreted.

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